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Pre-Spring Cleaning [Mar. 4th, 2007|09:32 pm]
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[music |Strait A Students - Don't Let Mikey]

I've cleaned out my room and and I'm getting rid of tons of stuff. Friends get first call. This is mostly for my local Delaware friends, but hey, I won't object if you'll pay the shipping.

Giving Away
Just ask for it.

Anime Mania and Manga Mania by Christopher Hart (books)
Bead Jewelery Workstation (craft book w/ beads)
Everquest II - full set of discs, manual and map (PC)
FLCL vol 1 (manga)
How to Draw Manga by Ben Dun (book)
Lilia's Yoga complete (audio tapes
Metroid Prime Hunters - First Hunt (DS game)
various other stuff I'll be handing around

For Sale

DVDs -

Amazing Nurse Nanako Vol. 1 - Memories
Hellsing Vol 1 - Impure Souls
Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Black Rose Saga Collection
Vandread Vol. 2 - Nirvana

CDs -

Audiobook Carrie by Stephen King
Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Baby
Neon Genesis Evangelion OST 1
Outlaw Star OST 2

Games -

Nintendo DS Case (blue)


Anime - From Akira to Princess Mononoke by Susan J. Napier
Carrie by Stephen King (on CD)
Drawing People (The Clothed Figure, big art book) by Barbara Bradley

AND many Newtype/Anime Insider issues and Newtype disks, ask me

Everything for sale is also on my Amazon account, that's how I expect most of it to go (so ask fast! XD)
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I'm Yumiko! And Alucard....and possibly Walter...I just hope my self is down there somewhere... [Dec. 11th, 2006|07:17 pm]
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^ That was unexpected. Now that I think about it I kind of see it, sort of. The first few posts were leaning towards Walter, I thought that was pretty cool. This is from hellsing_rating. I joined a few days ago and I like the place a lot.

Anyway, things are going pretty well. jigokunobanken put up the YKO Dawn issue for sale on Ebay. I really want it for Leann's Christmas present, but $50? That's pretty steep, and I've got so many presents to buy...*sigh*

On the bright side I got the Alucard role like I was really hoping! ^.^ I was so happy all day hehe. a_hellsing_rpg is very fun so far, so if any friends are in the neighborhood...*wink wink*

And in the seriously bizarre category; I came across 'Marry Your Favorite Character Online!' Creepy. I looked under Hellsing of course. Alucard is married to more than 400 people. Plenty married Yan and Anderson and Seras and Pip and two married...Helena? That's a little...yeah. 24 people married someone called 'Aracard (that's how you spell'. I may have to join so I can post Doc and get him some wives fangirl concubines.
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Fanfics, etc. [Dec. 4th, 2006|06:22 am]
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[music |I Constantly Thank God for Estaban - Panic! At the Disco]

I'm looking for a place to keep my witting online; it's a range of stuff, original fiction, nonfiction, and some fanfics. Does anyone know any good sites? Thanks in advance.

Anyway, I've had some writer's block lately, but recently finally sat down and wrote this little drabble for a challenge in hellsing100. As per the contest, it's exactly 100 words long(getting rid of the last seven was quite painful) and has the surprising subject of BLOOD. The fandom is Hellsing, obviously. It is creatively titled “Dok's Coat”.

Here's the original post. It brought Millenium into a tie with Hellsing for the community's first week, btw. :)

Dok's Coat

The spots and stains of red on the coat were unmistakable. It was the instinct of any human and the habit of any monster to recognize the sight of blood. Even after decades of wear on the older blotches, the mark of long-expired lives remained. He sometimes thought that it was very much like the way a Nosferatu sustained itself, because he lived on the blood that covered that cloth. His continued immortality came at the cost of the life taken by every splotch. Whatever his form, the doctor thought, his life had always been that of a vampire.
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Happy Birthday to me! [Nov. 21st, 2006|12:48 pm]

I'm going to be 18 tomorrow at 10 PM or so, woo hoo! Gambling, smoking, legal marriage are all open to me!

If anyone wants to wish me a happy birthday that would be nice of them...

Wish list:

virtual birthday cake
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